Golden ratio in layout design

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How to create software layout pleasant for the eye of the user? Use fibonacci sequence and combine maths and art for the pixel perfect result.

There’s a common mathematical ratio which is common in nature that can be used to create pleasing, natural looking compositions in your design work. It is called the Golden Ratio, Golden Mean, Fibonacci Spiral or Fibonacci Sequence.

The Golden Ratio or Fibonacci spiral

This kind of composition is widely used in art and photography. But first and foremost, this ratio is a common pattern found in nature. E.g. pinecone shape, sunflower seeds, weather patterns, etc.

Golden ration in photography composition

Designing a piece of software has many aspects to be considered. There are a ton of books and articles related to the best practices in creating a stunning user experience. One aspect is solely devoted to the visual composition. The software has to have ...

Golden ratio in layout design