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    VOSON INDUSTRIAL (HONGKONG) CO., LTD was founder in 2003,which is a high-tech Group Corporation, specializing in developing,manufacturing and selling LED concerned products in China, We are the vendors of Walmart , Carrefour,Homedepot etc. New products will be updated every month.


    Products Range:

    Our products’ range cover the LED Table lamp LED flashlight, Camping Lantern, headlight,bicyclelight, , led work light, promotional and gift products etc. also, we provide the target price budget for the customers. Developing the package based on different price levels.



    Besides we supply the currently existing products to our customer, VOSON also work with customer to develop and refine new product concepts on OEM or ODM basis. We always work as an outstanding starting point and excellent “idea generator” for our customers. We have experienced and creative R&D designers and engineers, which work closely and seamlessly with our customers to develop innovative products that fulfill customer’s needs.